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How to protect the NXcustom settings?

I've adjusted the NXcustom files, so that the user's customer defaults, and the CAM resource library, are outside of the NX110custom directory.  So now I would like to lock down the NXcustom folder, so only certain people can edit the files, site and group settings, and the site and group drafting standards.


How do other companies do this in a Windows OS?  If we make "Everyone" read only, and give me read-write, I still can't edit the files, since I am part of Everyone.  Do you create an NXuser group?  or an NXadmin group?


I really want to minimize IT overhead, in having to manage who is part of any groups.  Is there an easier way?

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Re: How to protect the NXcustom settings?

Windows will "add up" all the permissions (i.e. it is the union of all applicable group settings, not the intersection).  It will see you have read/write, and allow you to change files.

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Re: How to protect the NXcustom settings?

So far it's not, and I am locked out of editing anything...and all the users are locked out of having their history, roles, etc. saved, LOL.

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‎04-05-2017 11:12 AM

Re: How to protect the NXcustom settings?

In general at our site regular users have read/execute rights, the group NX-Admins has full rights.

Everything is working as expected and I am member of both groups, since the users group is a Windows build-in group.

Output of ICACLS utility on Windows 7:

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Re: How to protect the NXcustom settings?

yeah, looks like they are on the path to a "users" group, and an "admins" group now.



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