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How to run external java app?



I wrote java app for nx.


I try to run this app externaly (witout load nx) but no success.


I saw there is a nxopen example for java which introduces how to use nx remote with java RMI,

this example has two mode option -


1) Batch mode

2) Interactive mode


The second option is run properly but it requires loading NX.


The first option dosn't  requires loading NX (that what i looking for), but she fails to run.


I'd be happy if someone can help me understand how to run correctly external java app that not requers NX load........

I already spent many hours to understand it by myself.


Thanks a lot Smiley Happy


Re: How to run external java app?

Be sure you are in an NX Command Prompt so that your variables are assigned correctly.


Be sure JAVA_HOME is set correctly.


Then you need a command line something like this, assuming your executable is named "program.jar":


java -cp ".;program.jar;%UGII_ROOT_DIR%\NXOpen.jar;%UGII_ROOT_DIR%\NXOpenUF.jar;%UGII_ROOT_DIR%\NXOpenUI.jar" program.jar


(That should have all been on one line; in my browser is looks like it has been broken in two.)

Re: How to run external java app?

Hi Steve,


I was trying to execute jar file through batch mode. I have ran it as you have mentioned in this post. But i am getting an error saying Error: Could not find or load main class NXInfo_1.jar. Kindly help. Thanks in advance.