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How to set sheet attribute of "Date" type using API in NX Drawing?

Hi ,

Is there any specific way  to set the "Date" type attribute on NX DrawingSheet object. 


Use case :

1. Create NX-Drawing having drawing sheet.

2. Add manually attribute of type "Date"on drawing sheet.

3. Now by using API's try to modify the value.

4. In my case it is thrwoing exceptions as "The date value is invalid".


API Used for setting attribute:



attrInfo.TimeValue ="2016/11/30 12:45:00";

drawingSheet.SetUserAttribute(attrInfo, Update.Option.Now);



Thanks in Advance.





Re: How to set sheet attribute of "Date" type using API in NX Drawing?

Have you tries recording a journal of you manually setting the date?


I have successfully set a part attribute of type "date" with this code.

Offhand, I don't recall why I'm using the string for year, instead of the integer in Date_Attribute_struct:


struct Date_Attribute_struct {
	int Day;
	int Month;
	int Year;

void SetDateTB_Attribute(std::string New_Attr_Value, Date_Attribute_struct& NX_DateInfo)
	std::vector<NXOpen::NXObject *> objects1(1);
	objects1[0] = m_workPart;
	NXOpen::AttributePropertiesBuilder *attributePropertiesBuilder1;
	attributePropertiesBuilder1 = theSession->AttributeManager()->CreateAttributePropertiesBuilder(m_workPart, objects1, NXOpen::AttributePropertiesBuilder::OperationTypeNone);

	// date formatted as YYYYMMDD in string
	std::string strYear = New_Attr_Value.substr(0, 4);

	attributePropertiesBuilder1->DateValue()->DateItem()->SetMonth((NXOpen::DateItemBuilder::MonthOfYear) NX_DateInfo.Month);

	NXOpen::NXObject *nXObject1;
	nXObject1 = attributePropertiesBuilder1->Commit();
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Re: How to set sheet attribute of "Date" type using API in NX Drawing?

Hi Ken_A,


Thanks for the reply. I have tried jornal recording and got the same code.

Here my concern is why this API is not working only for attribute type of "Date" where as it works for all of the other type of attributes i.e . String, Integer, Real.

If any hint please let me know.




Re: How to set sheet attribute of "Date" type using API in NX Drawing?

Hi Onkar,


Can't really comment on why it isn't working as the format looks correct. I tried two very simple VB examples using the SetTimeUserAttribute method and both seemed to work OK for me. In my example I created a part attribute called "DateTest". I then added a note on a drawing sheet which referenced this attribute (relationships -> insert part attribute -> DateTest). I then used the vb program to modify the part attribute


workpart.SetTimeUserAttribute("DateTest", -1, "2010/04/15 20:05:10", 0)


workpart.SetTimeUserAttribute("DateTest", -1, "15-Apr-2010 20:05:10", 0)

Geoff Donohoo

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Re: How to set sheet attribute of "Date" type using API in NX Drawing?

Hi Geoff,


Yes. It is working correctly when we use SetTimeUserAttribute method. This method can work with the inputs mentioned in the API help.


When working with SetUserAttribute method it is not accepting the same input and throwng the exception as mentioned in discussion.


Thanks for the reply.