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Re: How to upgrade NX API programs from NX8.5 to 12?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

I'm currently migrating my code (Java) from NX8.5 to NX12. As it's Java I don't use VisualStudio, but Eclipse instead.

Which methods in particular are you having trouble with? I can't readily find any deprecated methods in the NX API to show how they look or anything.

Remember, a method being deprecated is only a warning that it might be removed from the API at some future date. You should avoid using that method so that you don't get a huge update task later on if it is removed.

Our own API has a few deprecated methods and this is how they look in our IDE (Eclipse)...

When writing new code and using code completion, the tooltip that pops up for a method will show it is deprecated and suggest the method to use instead:


If you have previously used a method and it has since become deprecated, the source code will show it with strike through and if you hover over the method you will get a tooltip explaining it is deprecated:



Hope this helps.

Graham Inchley Snr R&D Engineer (Systems Development), Sandvik Coromant
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Re: How to upgrade NX API programs from NX8.5 to 12?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am using Visual Studio and the popup looks similar to the one in Java.

It will be displayed as a warning in VS, so you still can compile it.

But as always you shouldn't compile anything final as long as there are warnings ;-)



This is how it will be displayed in the Error List in Visual Studio


image.pngAnd here it shows the warning in the acutal code in Visual Studio.

You also see the method you should use (Use GetUserAttributes instead)

Re: How to upgrade NX API programs from NX8.5 to 12?


Definitely, this help. Thanks a lot!


I am mostly working on CAM and CAE related APIs? Does anyone working on similar kind of APIs using Visual studio? If yes, do share your experience to go forward and some screenshots of the compilig and rebuilding of applications DLL file, if possible? 


Thank you so much in anticipation!


cam.PNGDeprecated APIs.PNGFunctionsmethod2.PNGCAE functions