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Internationalization of menu and ribbon

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I would like to support different languages for my ribbon and menu. The menu and ribbon files include english labels. I thought about building a language specific setup and provide the files in the installed language, but that does not work as these files do not support "german umlaute". NX does use xml files with translated texts in the localization subfolder. Do I have to use this folder? Or can I create a localization folder in my UGII_USER_DIR? Is there a documentation on the correct format of the translation files?


Unfortunately the documentation I found is not really clear:


1. What is a Native Language Menu (NLM) file? Where do I have to put it?

2. UF_MB_load_resource_file is only available on Unix. So I have to use the "NX resource file" (existing?). Where is that? Do I have to merge into that file in my setup?


Please note I have a .NET Addin on a Windows machine.


Re: Internationalization of menu and ribbon

From NX10, the localization mechanism has been changed. The details can be referred to: