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Is NX Open C being depricated?


I have been programming with the NXOpen C api for over 12 years and am quite comfortable.


Looking through the docs for .NET I noticed a few functions that are not available in Open C


For example there is no equivalent to SetUpdateFailureAction.


Are all API calls available in Open C?




Re: Is NX Open C being depricated?


Reading the docs, maybe it is, looks like I need to move to NX Open for C++ to get the full common API.


About NX Open - Available Toolkits


although thre are Sample NX Open C documents as new as yesterday.

Sample Open C API program : report closed components


Clarification please.

Re: Is NX Open C being depricated?

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

GRIP and NXOpen C are no longer extended, they are just maintained to keep their current functionality.


The managed NXOpen common API for C++, .NET and Java is extended to support all the newly introduced functionality.

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Re: Is NX Open C being depricated?




Thanks. As i expected. Was hoping to not change.

Looks like I can use a combination of C and C++ while I transition my old code.

Re: Is NX Open C being depricated?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Yes, you can use a combination of Open C and any of the NX Open API languages. All of the NX Open API language bindings have wrapper classes to access all of the Open C functions. NX Objects have a .tag property to allow easy use of them with Open C wrappers. There is an ObjectManager that will return a NXObject, given a tag, to go the other way.