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Issue occurring during initializing the callback for created MenuButton in NX.


Hello All,


As mentioned in NX Documentation, I was creating the Menu in NX.


using the SampleNXOpenApplication.

C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\UGOPEN\SampleNXOpenApplications\C++\MenuBarCppApp.


So following are the steps.


Step1 : I had added the Cpp & header file as mentioned in new Visual Studio Project.

Step2 : Created the Application & Startup directories in one of the drive,

             In Application folder i had addeD:

                     b. MenuBarCppApp.dll 
                     c. MenuBarCppApp.lib 
             In Startup


Step3 : Created a batch file to set NX Enviornment Variable directly (UGII_USER_DIR) I had attachted the content of batch file in txt file.


Step4 : Run the NX through Code & Selected New Model.


Sample Cpp Meun Button was created under Menu Tab(image 1Image1.png). I had added images for refrences


& after selecting one of the Tab(Print ID Button) getting an error msg.Image2.JPG



& had checked with the menu file too. The Names specified are similar to the names in the 

void CppMenuBarApplication::InitializeCallbacks() function.


Can anyone please help me ,where I  am going wrong.