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Journal Identifier question.


In NX9 and NX11 when you create a datum csys in any part.


It's jounal identifiers for the datum planes are as follows.


XZ plane = "DATUM_CSYS(1) XY plane"


YZ plane = "DATUM_CSYS(1) XZ plane"


XY plane = "DATUM_CSYS(1) YZ plane"


Is this intentional where the actual plane doesn't match the journal identifier?




Re: Journal Identifier question.

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This does look a little strange initially, but I think the various planes are presented in the order of the axis that you would be "looking down" to see that plane.  I took a DatumCsys apart using the wrapper method UFModl.AskDatumCsysComponents(), and then cast the tags to NXObjects and reported their JournalIdentifiers:


41828 HANDLE R-739
41816 HANDLE R-740
36650 DATUM_CSYS(0) X axis
36645 DATUM_CSYS(0) Y axis
36640 DATUM_CSYS(0) Z axis
36635 DATUM_CSYS(0) YZ plane
36664 DATUM_CSYS(0) XZ plane
36659 DATUM_CSYS(0) XY plane

The first one in the array of Datum Axes is the YZ plane, which would be the one that you see when you are "looking down" the X axis. You would see the XZ plane down the Y axis, and the XY plane looking down the Z axis.

Re: Journal Identifier question.


If both you are correct, the situation is as below. Right ?


    36635  DATUM_CSYS(0) YZ plane -- named YZ, but actually XY plane
36664 DATUM_CSYS(0) XZ plane -- named XZ, but actually YZ plane
36659 DATUM_CSYS(0) XY plane -- named XY, but actually ZX plane