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Journal Record of NX Open

Dear master,
I'm Sun,the Enginner of EF Elcetrical(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd.
I want to customize some commands use NX Open,For example,use Marco Record,Journal Record.
I have successed to customize some commands use Marco Record,but Marco files can't change to similar command Marco files,
So I want to use Journal Record,but face difficulty.Could I ask you or your Enginner some questions and reply me use E-mail


Best regards
Sun Zhang(张中山)


Re: Journal Record of NX Open

Hi Sun

I will be happy to answer your questions about Journal / NXOpen program.

you can ask them here in this Forum.

It's one of the goal of this forum , share experience and knowledge around the NX community

Best Regards

Re: Journal Record of NX Open

Is there any tutorial for NX Open?  I paid for a personal tutorial for teamcenter.    Thanks. 

Re: Journal Record of NX Open

Hi Omvegan


NX Open is a brunch of many different languages,technologies on different platforms

If you start to develop automation and program in NX, my advice is to start learning SNAP.


S.N.A.P stands for Simple NX Application Programming. It's based on .NET programming so Windows Only.


Your can access to the SNAP tutorial in the NX DOC.

Goto the Programming  Chapter / ==> To view the Programming Tools help click here

then SNAP / SNAP getting Started Guide.


There is also many SNAP Examples in your D:\softs\NX9\UGOPEN\SNAP\Examples


I believe that this would be a good start to learn. After your can go one step higher with NXOPEN , which is the same , but much powerful, rich , so more complex to program.


There are also many NX OPEN Example in your D:\softs\NX9\UGOPEN\SampleNXOpenApplications in 4 different languages (VB, C#, C++ and Java)


Good Luck / Welcome on the NX OPEN user group and let us know your progress.