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Launch NXOpen(containing dialogue dlx) from KF

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am calling NXOpen dll from KF(click on the button->update_cb)


The NXOpen function containing dialogue to collect some user inputs.


While launching i am getting error "Cannot launch dialog"


My KF program is also %ui_comp


Any settings to be done on my dfa. Please guide me


Thanks & Regards

Balakrishnan M




Block Styler: Found the file at FeatureControlFrame.dlx
*** EXCEPTION: Error code 3520048 in line 130 of D:\workdir\Reference\NX903_4\src\nxblockstyler\no\ind\jax_block_styler_block_dialog.cxx at Sat Sep 24 14:14:52 2016 India Standard Time
+++ Unsafe to build a block styler dialog.