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Launch .dll through Excel Interface?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello, I am looking for a unique solution to improve my work flow. I am hoping somebody can lead me into the right direction.


It is hard to find support for this anywhere else because NX and TC are not the most widely used software platforms out there.


I am trying to design an excel template that can remotely launch and run various NX functions through NX's server process, without opening NX's GUI. I have been able to compile and run a server script for NX that launches the server process.


I have a script already that will act as the client to run my desired NX functions remotely. I need to compile it into a .dll.


What I need to know is, how can I programmatically configure an excel interface to launch a .dll in NX?


I want to be able to open the excel template, and run the .dll that will start NX's server process, as well as launch any other client code from the template as well.


I have Visual Studios Professional edition.


Any help will be appreciated, thank you!