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License Borrow and end of extra rented licenses


Our company had a big problem the other day, and I'm just wondering if other have experienced it aswell, or if it's the intended behaviour of License Borrow.


We have XX number of Mach1 licenses, and had rented another 2 extra for some consultants we had for a short while (that expire today, 31th of May)


Yesterday a colleague had to fly abroad to a customer, and wanted to use Licence Borrow so he would have a functional NX Mach1 during the time he is away to do design changes if needed.




For some reason License Borrow doesn't allow you to borrow a license, for which there is a "rented" one that will expire during the borrow time.

(It was ok to borrow until today, but not until tomorrow, another license AS5051, was no problem borrowing until the end of June)



Seems to me like the License Borrow utility should reserve the "owned" licenses first, and any "extra rented" ones when all normal ones are used up already.

It's not like it would be any easier/harder to cheat on the licensing, it only made it very much harder to get the Software we pay for on the trip to a customer in their home country.


I hope that a VPN tunnel from the hotel will manage to solve this problem this time, but I feel that the License Borrow is somewhat flawed if this is the "working as designed" behaviour?


I wonder if the order in which the INCREMENT and SUPERSEDE in the license file is affecting this?


Re: License Borrow and end of extra rented licenses

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

The issue is possibly the order of the licenses in the license file.

From what I've seen, the "ones that expire" are typically before the ones that are "permanent".

And NX grabs the first "valid" license (i.e. once it gets a valid license, it doesn't check any further).


I've never tried it, but (I think) if you reverse the order of the INCREMENT lines (take the entire set of data for the increment) you might be able to borrow the way you wanted.


Note we also had a circumstance (I don't remember exactly what) that an expired temporary license blocked usage of permanent licenses, so I always put a reminder in to remove expiring licenses (deleting the INCREMENT lines, or reverting to an earlier license file without the temp licenses) the day they expire.

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Re: License Borrow and end of extra rented licenses


Thanks for the reply. You're correct about the order in which the permanent and expire licenses are in the licence file.


I wasn't able to test it yesterday, but at the end of next licences to expire (Have some CAM licenses that'll expire at the end of june), then I'll do some cut and paste to see if I manage to borrow those licenses. I just need to find a time when the operators isn't in need of NX to do machining.


When I do, I'll report my findings to this thread.


(I have tested with both NX10 and NX11, both have the same behaviour)


I guess the license management could be either really smart, and track each specific (group of) license(s), or really dumb, and only track the number of licenses, and if there's is a license with an expire date, all licenses get that date. So, question is if it's made to save resources, or if it's intelligent enough to be able to differentiate same type of licenses.

I hope for the latter and that it's possible to move stuff around in the license file to get around this problem.

Re: License Borrow and end of extra rented licenses


I went into the office to replace a license file today, and I tested to cut and paste in the license file as suggested.




So, I put all the blocks of timelimited licenses

INCREMENT XXXXXXX ugslmd 31.0 30-jun-2017 1 SUPERSEDE DUP_GROUP=UHD \         

 after the permanent ones


And used that license instead (tested both edited and unedited), and when using the re-ordered license file I could borrow that license until the 3rd of July, not with the un-edited.



So, they defenetly need to change the way the licenses are generated, to shuffle the order.


I hope that this info will help anyone getting stuck in the same situation as we did. Luckily the hotel had WiFi, so my colleague could use a VPN-tunnel and borrow a license.