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Re: List of users and relative NX version+build


@evolve wrote:

I just thought of something. The most extensive startup script is managed by Gerrit Koelewijn. He makes a template for each new NX-version.


Hi @evolve ,

we don't use startup script.

Thank you..
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Re: List of users and relative NX version+build


Yes, that's what you told me. But you asked an example of startup scripts. so this is a very good example of an extensive script.

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Re: List of users and relative NX version+build

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

If you don't run a startup script, then you only have a few choices:

1) Use tool like SCCM (Software Center) to push out & run a script on all systems with NX installed

2) Write something (.BAT or whatever) and have users run it manually 

3) Modify an existing journal/API program the ALL users run (e.g. title block block fillout, or ??? ) to do the work for you.  Once you have the data you need, remove that bit of code. (if different users run different journals/API programs, you may need to modify ALL of them to get complete coverage...)

4) Write a Menuscript & modify all users PCs (add a /PRE action to something like File -> Open to log the data)

5) probably some other ways using API / Journal code.


To me, option 1 is the best, the others are pretty much hacks.  (4) could probably be done with just the ENV file & some changes to the "shared" configuration files (assuming you have shared config files)

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