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Manipulating Part Family Spreadsheet from outside



Is there a way to control the part family excel spreadsheet with some kind of a journal, or another method? I want to be able to update (add/edit parts) the part family without having to open Tools/Part families/Edit.


Thanks for your future replies.



Re: Manipulating Part Family Spreadsheet from outside

Hello Onur1,


there is a way of working with part families programmatically.

These functions exist in the old UserFunction world and they are "wrapped" to the .NET world, so you can use this functions in VB.NET and C# (as I do).

Have a look to the classes UFPart and UFFam in Namespace NXOpen.UF for functions like

UFPart.IsFamilyTemplate(), UFPart.AskFamilies() or

UFFam.AskFamilyData(), UFFam.AddMember(), UFFamEditMember.......

There you should find most of the things you are looking for.



Herbert Macho
EBNER Industrieofenbau

NX10.0.3.5 (TeamCenter10 and Native)