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Maximum number of bodies in boolean

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I would like to unite a total of 200 bodies that are in contact with each other, and extract a body from it.


Consider it 200 slices of cross sectional geometrries with uniform thickness


When I try to unit them, I choose to top slice as target body, then the rest as tool body.


However, the union failed since it said the slices are not connected. I even increased the tolerance and it didnt work.


When I look at the union, it seemed only the first 100 slices are unioned.


Therefore, I tried divide and conquer. I first created a union feature of the first 90 slices.


Then, I create another union of the previous union (of 90 slices) as target body, then the 91-110 slices as tool body.


Then I repeat the process and again use the union till 110 slices as target body and unite with the next let's say 15 slides (e.g. slice 111-125) as tool body.


I repeat this until all slices are unioned into one body. And then I can extract the body.


That leaves me figuring, is there a maximum number of bodies that boolean can take in NX?