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Merging of generel role and Personal Roles



At my company we have a general role used to enable a uniquely fabricated tab in the Ribbon bar. This tab is controlled by a general role used by our entire department. This general role can be enabled and people can then customize personal roles based on this generel role.


If changes are made to the general role, the way i see it, each personal role has to be customized again in order to implement the changes to the general role.


My question is:


Is there a way to merge this general role with a personal role?


Hope you understand my problem.




Re: Merging of generel role and Personal Roles

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Roles are static, so they are just useful for an initial layout. Roles are XML files, so it should be possible to merge them with any text editor. We only use them as a backup copy for the users changes.

I would create a custom ribbon tab through NX menuscript as described at Customizing the NX interface using files, which is much friendlier in respect to changes and deployment.

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Re: Merging of generel role and Personal Roles

Thank you for the rapid response. I will look into your solution(s) ASAP!