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Method for Origin of Tabular Note


I have been searching the NXOpen .NET API Reference (NX 7.5) up and down, but I can not find any method that will tell me the Origin of a tabular note on a sheet. Any other values like cell text and relative text position I was able to get by using the various  NXOpen.UF.Tabnot methods. Another idea was to use the origin of the section. But here I was unable to convert the object which is linked to the section tag to a Section-object.


Small code sample:

Dim secTag As Tag = Tag.Null
theUFSession.Tabnot.AskSectionOfRow(rowTag, secTag)
Dim secObj As Object = NXObjectManager.Get(secTag)
Dim secSection As Section = CType(secObj, Section)

Best regards


Accepted by topic author rmoellen
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Method for Origin of Tabular Note

The .Drf.AskOrigin(...) function should work for this. Something like below (assuming you have a reference to a table note):


Dim tableOrigin(2) As Double
Dim tableSectionTag As Tag
theUfSession.Tabnot.AskNthSection(tableNote, 0, tableSectionTag)
theUfSession.Drf.AskOrigin(tableSectionTag, tableOrigin)


Re: Method for Origin of Tabular Note

Hello cowski1,


I implemented it and it's working as it should be. I am not very familiar with this older wrapper methods. Thank you very much! I think together with the relative position, width and height of each cell I can now define an absolute rectangle for each text cell in relation to the sheet origin. Or is there a simpler way?



Re: Method for Origin of Tabular Note

"is there an easier way?"


Not that I know of, at least not as of NX 8.5. I have some code that does something similar:


For some backstory of what the code does and why it was written, refer to: