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Mirroring component

Is there anyway to mirror a component from a selected plane, and have this new body be a completely parameterized component, meaning having all features still alive but not linked to the originally mirrored component.

Any suggections?


Re: Mirroring component

Could you perform a save as of the part (which will keep all parameters).

Then mirror all of the geometry using a plane as a final feature (Instance Geometry - Type Mirror).


You can then create a reference set of just the mirrored geometry and still be able to parametrically edit it.

Re: Mirroring component

That seems like a good idea. Is it possible for you to go into a little more detail? I think that might be a good direction to go in.

Re: Mirroring component

My starting point would be to record a journal of the above method and tweak it to your needs.

I believe all of the functions you need are covered with journalling (at least they are for me in NX8.5).