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Mold Wizard Customization

Is there any way to incorporate a Nx Open .dll within mold wizard? Ideally, to create a new button that would allow program execution without exiting mold wizard? 


If not, is there a way to execute a Nx Open .dll within another NX window/command that would return to the Nx window/command without exiting it? I am talking about the behavior that is present in the measure commands(Measure distance, angle, diameter, etc) and blank objects command that allows you to execute within another command in NX and allow you to return to it without exiting. 

DHuskic Nx 9

Re: Mold Wizard Customization

It is possible but make sure that you do not change the displayed part in between; if you do then it will exit giving error and also NX deletes all the undo marks in that case.

Re: Mold Wizard Customization

Manually, when I take the following steps:


  1. Open Nx, new part, modeling. 
  2. Execute create block command
  3. With the create block command open, I execute a measure distance
  4. Hit cancel on measure distance, it takes you back to create block command

If I was able to capture the functionality that allows users to run my custom NxOpen .dll and have it return to mold wizard, I think that would solve my problem. Does anyone have any ideas how to do this? 


Note: Whether you cancel out of measure distance, or use it to measure a distance, the result(going back to the block command) will happen with either method. 

DHuskic Nx 9