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NCGroup.GetMembers() causes deallocate exception




I am on NX and using an internal .dll- c++ program.


Within the my program, I call




with NCGroup1 as a valid CAM::NCGroup object.


While this works during execution, this line causes an deallocate exception after my code is executed. It seems as if there are resources allocated within that function, that cause that behavior.


Re: NCGroup.GetMembers() causes deallocate exception


I've used NCGroup.GetMembers() in both C# and Java without problems.

Maybe there's something wrong in some other part of your code?

Graham Inchley Snr R&D Engineer (Systems Development), Sandvik Coromant
Lenovo ThinkPad W540, Win7, 16GB. Developing in: Java | C | KF
Production: [NX8.5.3.3 MP11 64bit] Testing: [NX12.0.0.27 MP1]

Re: NCGroup.GetMembers() causes deallocate exception


The programm works fine without that statement. As soon as I add it, even without an assignment, I get that exception.


Edit: Rebooting and rebuilding solved that issue. Thx


Edit 2nd: And there it is again. From the log:


*** EXCEPTION: O/S ERROR: signal  11 in line 1940 of O:\ugnx853\ip3\src\syss\error\ind\error.cxx at Fri Dec 05 10:50:09 2014 Mitteleuropäische Zeit
+++ General Fault Exception
[ 1] 000077C932F2                                                              (ntdll)
[ 2] 07FEC4E67E5F                                                              (AcXtrnal)
[ 3] 000077A41A4A                                                              (kernel32)
[ 4] 07FEB9EF69D8                                                              (MSVCR120)
[ 5] 07FEBC241232 xmemory0\std::allocator<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64>::deallocate Line 574 +0x32 (TP_DLL)
[ 6] 07FEBC2411DC xmemory0\std::_Wrap_alloc<std::allocator<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64> >::deallocate Line 859 +0x3c (TP_DLL)
[ 7] 07FEBC240FC7 vector\std::vector<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64,std::allocator<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64> >::_Tidy Line 1629 +0x97 (TP_DLL)
[ 8] 07FEBC2401C8 vector\std::vector<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64,std::allocator<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64> >::~vector<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64,std::allocator<NXOpen::CAM::CAMObject * __ptr64> > Line 946 +0x28 (TP_DLL)
[ 9] 07FEBC23E9A3 tp_dll\MyClass::do_it Line 226 +0x3f3               (TP_DLL)
[10] 07FEBC23E192 tp_dll\ufusr Line 243 +0xb2                         (TP_DLL)
[11] 07FEDB758587                                                              (libsyss)
[12] 07FEDB758222                                                              (libsyss)

Re: NCGroup.GetMembers() causes deallocate exception

I would log a call with GTAC on this one.

They can check your program, and ask development for help if needed.

Mark Rief
Retired Siemens