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NX 10: Plotter doesn't work the second time

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi everybody,


perhaps you can help me Smiley Wink


Since NX10 on my company, when we will Plot a drawing since NX. It's working well.


But when we will plot a second time, the plotter print the same drawing as we print at first.

Result: User can be plot only one time.


The workaround is to Plot PDF or to delete %temp% folder in each workstation after each print but he is not acceptable for the user.


For information, if we plot from other software, we haven't this issue. It's the reason why I think the problem come from NX. We also test in some differents plotters and again the same issue.


One of you know this issue? Or have you some idea?


really Thank you



PLM Technical IT