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NX 10 Shortcut Toolbars - How to disable completely? How to disable for multi-feature selections?


When using NX i use keyboard sortcuts to access 90% of the tools i use and therefore have no use for the shortcut toolbars. I find that they get in way and sometimes when i'm selecting multiple features that are colse together i end up hitting the delete button on the shortcut toolbar by accedent because it pops up right where in need to click next. I can hit ctrl-z to get those features back but then i need to start selecting everything again and thus wasting my time.
I have looked all over for a setting to disable these toolbars completely but i cannot find one. The best solution i have found is to first select a feature and then go into the customize menu (ctrl-1) and remove all the tools from the shortcut toolbar. The problem with this is that the user needs to select every different kind of feature go into the customize menu and remove the tools and then repeat for all the different applications in NX. This is very tedious and irksome. Is there a way to disable all shortcut toolbars in one setting? Or even a script that will go in and disable all the menus for every feature type?


My second question is regarding selections of multiple types of features. When selecting more than one type of feature i still get a shortcut toolbar even though i previously disabled the shortcut toolbars for the indiviual feature types. For example when i select an "idSymbol" and a "Note" feature in the drafting application I get a shortcut toolbar (see pic 1). When i go into the customize menu with these two feature selected it deselects all but the last feature i selected so i can't edit the shortcut toolbar for the multi-selection (see pic 2). And if i try to select the "idSymbol" while in the customize menu it deselects the "Note" (see pic 3). How do i disable the shortcut toolbar when selecting multiple types of features?


Re: NX 10 Shortcut Toolbars - How to disable completely? How to disable for multi-feature selections

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

I'm not sure if they can be deleted / turned off, but if you hit the "F3" key the current one will be hidden

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