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NX 11 for Mac OS 10.12 , install without X11 & xquartz




Good day, someone knows if NX11 for Mac OS 10.12 need to install x11 & Xquartz. I have been reading in previous post and all mention the installation of these two programs, also in the official support mentions that you must install these two components, but, someonewho uses NX in his macbook pro, can talk about it?



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Re: NX 11 for Mac OS 10.12 , install without X11 & xquartz


You need XQuarz and openmotif, X11 is not distributed by Apple any more a long time ago.

You need to read the installation guid for MacOS.


Be sure you don't have any important work on MacOS using NX.

We have moved our NX installation from Mac to Windows8.1 (BootCamp) using existing MacPro Hardware.

Te reason is that there are to much issues with the UI on Mac using XQuarz.

We have written a lot of IR's /PR's because of issues. There is no priority to fix issues on MacOS.

For example PR 1992008 (reported 2014) will fixed in NX12 (got this email yesterday)...  or PostBuilder PR 8311899 cant even Start the Programm on a new certified platform installation. There os 0.0% Testing on MacOS from the SiemensNX side. We have to Work here and not testing software.

We will never again make any kind of IR.