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NX 9 will not start

I am running Win 7 and NX 9.0.2 and use the same install script for over 50 PCs but I have one that hangs on the ugraf process. I get the splash screen for a few seconds, then it goes away and the ugraf process is still running. Any Ideas?


Re: NX 9 will not start

Look in the TMP folder for the syslog (username/gibberish/.syslog)


If ugraf.exe is still running, it could be the NX window is off the screen?

(did this user used to have a 2nd monitor or ???)

Get rid of

- C:\Users\kakerboo\AppData\Local\Siemens\NX90 folder

- similar files/folder if UGII_USER_DIR or other ENVs store files elsewhere

- Registry delete HKCU\Software\Unigraphics solutions\NX\9.0


(you may want to keep backups before you delete)

See if that pulls it up on-screen?

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Re: NX 9 will not start

The process for ugraf.exe stalls at 100,824K on this PC and all the other installations ugraf.exe is using 155,240K. The syslog shows NX stops during or just after loading ugpcbxchange\startup\pcbm_app.mem.


I tried all the previous suggestions with no luck. I am totally stumped on this one

Re: NX 9 will not start

Reinstallation already tried?

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Re: NX 9 will not start

uninstalled and reinstalled several times

Re: NX 9 will not start

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Have a look at your graphics driver.


\ugpcbxchange\startup\ is loaded right before intialisation of the graphics driver for NX, so that's where I would be looking at why NX doesn't start.


Try to use the certified driver for your card, or the latest one available.

NX graphics certification

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