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NX Blockstyler (Java) - InvocationTargetException after minor update


Hello everybody,


I am programming GUIs for automation purposes in NX using the internal "BlockStyler" feature. Some days ago, we had a minor NX update (version 9.0.1 to 9.0.4) and this caused a fatal error in basically all the code, I have been written until now.


If I generate the standard Java code from the BlockStyler environment and want to run it without any functions behind the implemented buttons, so just displaying the GUI interface, it doesn't work either!


I have found the causing line in the code, which is basically the initialisation of the current session:


theSession = (Session)SessionFactory.get("Session");

-> Exception: InvocationTargetException


Then again, the following commands (as subfunctions of the "SessionFactory"-class) work properly:

theUFSession = (UFSession)SessionFactory.get("UFSession");

theUI = (UI)SessionFactory.get("UI");


I didn't change anything in the libraries! The only change is, that I get a message by the starting client: "Client is 64bit", I am using a 32bit system.


Does anybody know a possible solution? Has "SessionFactory.get("Session")" been replaced by another command?


Thanks in Advance for your kind help!