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NX Intellectual property logging mechanisms

Hello Friends,

I need help in the below requirement. One of our customer has 1000+ users working on NX with TC integration. Admin would like to track what data is exported or imported to and from desktop (like .prt to parasolid,stp etc.,) (NX Intellectual property logging mechanisms. We need a complete logging of what users import & export from/to NX like parasolid, stp etc) What is the procedure to achive this requirement? Where can we find the log file where its recorded that this data has been exported or imported by this user? Thanks,



Re: NX Intellectual property logging mechanisms

For what’s worth..

Are you proposing to monitor 1000+ log files?

Why not consider you own GUI & program (replicating the NX import/export capability) but one that could write the key data to a “central” log file? Probably not an easy task to do with some many users! Your internal process to import/export would then “impose” the use of your GUI/program. This is only good if one can disable the NX standard import/export options

One ought to write the workflow


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Re: NX Intellectual property logging mechanisms

The "standard" *NX* export/import functions should be able to be removed (or replaced with your code) using Menuscript.

I'm not sure how to prevent a user from "exporting" (older TC versions) or "downoading" (TC 10 or 11?) named references from TC.


If you are also concerned about drawings, then you have all the printing/plotting (both NX & TC) to worry about as well.

Possibly TC Visualization as well?

(there are a LOT of potential "leaks" you will have to think about)


Note this thread in this forum, which has code to export to DXF and STEP, which could be a starting point for your code (note I think the code listed is meant for native mode, so you'd have to modify it for TC):



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Re: NX Intellectual property logging mechanisms

The journal mentioned (or others like it) could also be a potential "leak". If you disable DXF export via menuscript, could a journal be run to export a DXF file anyway? I'm not 100% sure, but I think the journal would still work.

Re: NX Intellectual property logging mechanisms

Through the OPT file of the FlexNET license server, you could include certain users using the translator licenses exclusively. This will work for any case of using the translators, batch, journal, start-menu and NX session.

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