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NX-Matlab Simulink Error



I am looking to do a flight dynamic model simulation of a quadcopter through Matlab and NX. 

I am getting the following error even though I did exactly how they do in the video ( link posted below). If someone can please explain me the reason behind this error and how can I fix it. I have the full version of NX and Matlab ( so I am not sure if I am missing something or need to import some libraries). I am fairly new to this concept and just started to learn all this stuff. 


"motion_1_Solution_1_Plant %%%

ERROR : missing NXMotion plant model file !!!

Undefined function or variable 'Matlab_version'.

Error in nx_client (line 18)

if Matlab_version == 5 Error in motion_1_Solution_1_Plant (line 7) nx_client; "


This is the youtube video I was following--

I have also attached the two .m files from Matlab to help further 


Thank you for time and reply, 

My group and I greatly appreciate it. 


Re: NX-Matlab Simulink Error


Latest update: 

After playing with the code and making changes I got past the previous error ...hopefully meaniI i fixed that issue without change the original outcome. 

but now I m getting the following error. 


motion_1_Solution_1_Plant ===== NXMotion & Matlab/SIMULINK ========== %%%

INFO : NXMotion plant actuators names : ( up till this point the the code works) 

Error using horzcat Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent. ( its this point that i cant figure out, please help) 

Error in motion_1_Solution_1_PlantIO (line 53) disp([int2str(1:size(Plant_inputs,1)),blanks(size(Plant_inputs,1))',Plant_inputs]); Error in motion_1_Solution_1_Plant (line 3) motion_1_Solution_1_PlantIO;