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NX Open BockStyler SpecifyCsys

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I have created a dialog that have the following blocks:

- SpecifyPoint

- SpecifyVector

- SpecifyCsys


When the user lauch the dialog, i want to show the stored point, the stored vector and the stored csys. For the point and vector, I have the method SetPoint and SetVector, so everything go fine.


The problem is that I dont have such methods for SpecifyCsys block. I know that I can use the function SetSelectedObject, but I need to create a new CSYS for that, which I want to avoid. I need method like SetPoint(Point3d& origin) and SetVector(Vector3d& x, Vector3d& y)


Why such methods are not available for SpecifyCsys block ? Is there a workaround ?


Please note that in my data, the stored CSYS data have been obtained by using the GetSelectedObjects method from the SpecifyCsys block.


Thanks in advance