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NX Open Python - Get the FE Elements of a Boundary Condition



Dear All,


since it took me quite some time

  1.) I would like to share my solution and

  2.) I would like to ask if there is a more efficient solution to this.

Here is what I did so far: Thanks to this post: I have managed to get the Elements (NXOpen.CAE.FEElements) of a Boundary Condition (NXOpen.CAE.SimBc) as follows:


session = NXOpen.Session.GetSession()

for bc in session.Parts.BaseWork.Simulation.ActiveSolution.GetBcs():

    elems = []

    for i in range(bc.TargetSetManager.TargetSetCount):

        _, entry = bc.TargetSetManager.GetTargetSetMembers(i)
            for j in range(len(entry)):
                _type = type(entry[j].Obj)
                if _type in [NXOpen.CAE.CAEBody, NXOpen.CAE.CAEFace, NXOpen.CAE.CAEEdge]:

                    selectionMgr = session.Parts.BaseWork.SmartSelectionMgr
                    elems.extend( selectionMgr.CreateRelatedElemMethod(entry[j].Obj).GetElements() )

                    // do stuff with elems