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NX Open - Revolve a tagged 2D-Mesh


Hello together!Smiley Happy
I'm relatively new to NX open, I've only gathered some experiences with NX journaling.

For my current problem, it seems that NX Journalling is not a good approach anymore Smiley Sad


Description of my problem:
I have a Sheet body (let's take a simple rectangle) which has been meshed with CQUAD4 Elements.

This is the startpoint. I tagged this face with "FACE123"

Now, i want to revolve that 2D mesh to get a axisymmetric 3D mesh (cylinder).

Further settings could be: number of elements along circumference, axis of rotation

Is it possible to write a script, that revolves all tagged meshes (FACEA,FACEB..etc) or that revolves all meshes in collector a-z etc. I noticed that NX journal recognises the face tag when selecting mesh (meshManager1.FindObject("Mesh[FACE123_MESH]")).


Could you please help me here? I would be really thankful.





I've found a way to journal it in a relatively short form. Unfortunately, I still do not know how to cycle through all faces or use all existing element faces for the revolving process.



Re: NX Open - Revolve a tagged 2D-Mesh

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Heres an example to use as a starting point



Re: NX Open - Revolve a tagged 2D-Mesh


Thank you very very much Jim. That is definitely a good starting point. 

I really appreciate it and like the coding style. Clean and Easy to understand.


Tomorrow I will try to understand that script and to adapt it to multiply faces. Somehow the code seems to get a list ([].append) out of it, but on the other hand the faceName is given in the revolveMesh method.


Thank youSmiley Happy