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Re: NX Open with Visual Studio 2017 Professional


@DerSimulant@JimB,hello guys!

just like you do copy the vs files to vs2017 foloder, then open vs2017,could see the wizard, but it not using, says class i s not register, no CLSID there any thing to do I forgot?

please help!

thanks all!vs2017.PNG

Re: NX Open with Visual Studio 2017 Professional


Hello @Tryx,


my problem (in those days) was that I did not see the template in my VisualStudio 2017 (all examples were obsolete).

But you can see the template, so this step works and is ok, right?


But If you want to create a new template, you get errors? More details please.


Please see my workflow:


1.) Create Template



2.) Then this wizard starts...




Does this work on your machine?

If not: Then it seems that your wizard-files are broken or some settings are wrong.



With the help of @JimB I found my error.

@Tryx: did you check my solution here?


Maybe you find the bug in your setup with these screenshots.