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NX postprocessing / Annotation




I'm using the annotation tool in the post processing environment to make annotations at a selected node or element (e.g highest stress in a small area).

Now i use the "identify" tool to get the node number with the highest value, remember it, and use it in the annotation tool to select the annotation at the correct node. That is a lot of work. What i'm looking for is a selection functionality in the annotation tool like " create annotation at node with max. value of selected nodes/elements".

My idea for the  journal was:

- Ask the user for a selection of nodes (same functionality as "pick from model" in annotation tool)

- Read the results at the selected nodes and find the maximum

- Create annotation with annotation tool at the respective node


Is there an relative easy way for this (i'm a beginner in nx-programming)


Thanks for your suggestions


Martin P




Are there any



Re: NX postprocessing / Annotation


Hello Martin,


I have attached 2 files with code which might help you in the right direction.


ProbeReporting.vb gives you code which list results in the listing window similar to the Probe functionality in the GUI. The advantage of ProbeReporting is that you can loop it over multiple Solutions and subcases.

ProbeReporting works on a group (group of nodes in your case).


What you would still need to to is modify the code in order to extract your maximum result and the corresponding node and then create the annotation with that maximum result on the corresponding node.


CreateAnnotation.vb is a simple program which creates an annotation on the screen. it is not exactly what you want, but I added it so you have some code to point you in the right direction.



Hope this helps you a bit.

Good luck