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NX10 C# Add Proximity to ComponentGroup Question



I want to automatically generate ComponentGroup with proximity.
command.pngCommandcontext.pngContextMenu in Assembly Navigator

First i have tried to create a normal ComponentGroup with: (C#)

NXOpen.Assemblies.ComponentGroup cg = theSession.Parts.Work.ComponentGroups.CreateComponentGroup("TestName");

That is working really fine for me, but i can´t find any information for this Proximity option except of the Class Library.

 SearchResultElement[] sre =  new SearchResultElement[100];
                SubsetBuilder sb = theSession.Parts.Work.ComponentAssembly.Subsets.CreateSubsetBuilder(new Subset());
                ProximitySearchTerm pst = sb.Recipe.CreateProximitySearchTerm(SearchTerm.SearchTermLogicType.Include, sre, add.ProximityValue, true);


That is all what i have found out, but i have no idea if I am right or if that is completely the wrong direction.

I also thought i could execute the command itself but i also found no information about that.

Can anyone hook me up with some example code or some documentation about this topic?

 I also tried out do it via Journaling but the Assembly Navigator is not supported, no recording there and the command is only displayed via comment.


Re: NX10 C# Add Proximity to ComponentGroup Question

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Have you searched the Solutions database?

(maybe search on "ComponentGroups")


Also search the examples included with NX install:


Hope you find something...

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