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NX10 Migration - Ufunc Programs


I used Visual Studio 2012 for migration of ufunc program from NX7.5 to NX9.  Now I am doing NX10 migration. Since I am going to use same VS2012, do I need to recompile or I can just use the same NX9 ufunc dlls directly in NX10?


(I know that NXOpen programs has to be recompiled because of .NET version change from 4.0 to 4.5)




Re: NX10 Migration - Ufunc Programs

If you will be using NX 10, you will want to reference the NX 10 dll files.

Re: NX10 Migration - Ufunc Programs

What dlls you are referring? ( NXOpen, NXOpen.UF, NXOpen.Utilities, NXOpenUI dlls - These are only for NXopen applications if I am not mistaken. Not for Ufunc C based program) I thought there is no change in .C and .h files in UGopen folders between NX9 and NX10.