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NX10 - starting user application in another user application

Good afternoon,


I think the title is not as comprehensive as it should be, therefor let me explain what I am trying to achieve.


At the moment I am programming a Block UI Styler Application, which will be implemented in NX10 using the .vb and .dlx file.

Our NX10 has a special configuration with other Block UI Styler User Applications, which are stored as .dll files somewhere in the programm files.


I would like to start one of these applications somewhere in my code. An example would be to start Examin Geometry inside my code or JTCreation, which is possible. Is this also possible with custom applications?



Dim examineGeometry1 As NXOpen.GeometricAnalysis.ExamineGeometry



Dim jtCreator1 As JtCreator
        jtCreator1 = theSession.PvtransManager.CreateJtCreator()

        jtCreator1.IncludePmi = JtCreator.PmiOption.PartAndAsm

Can I simply....


Dim myApp as myApplication 'Stands for a user defined application


Kind regards




Re: NX10 - starting user application in another user application

Any idea? =/

Do you need further information?

I did not find any solution during the weekend...





Re: NX10 - starting user application in another user application



maybe this could be a solution?




But I am not sure how to use it.

The UDA (User defined application) creates a feature.

My goal is to first check if the feature is part of the part features, in case yes, open this feature and get some values inside the list boxes of the Block UI Styler Window.