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NX11 Role Problem


Hi there;


Since the old menu layout of NX will not working anymore, I have prepared and made a new menu layout for myself. But after sometimes the size of the Role File (user.mtx) have started to increase.  e.g. before the size of the Role File was 1 or 2 mb. Although a little changing have been done on it, the size of this file increased to 7 or 8 mb.

As far as I know, depending on this role file, NX also can not work and took along time.

The most easy image to define this problem to you is, when I click on left side of the Mouse “view shortcut menu” is reflect very late or sometimes the program could not work and closed. After a long time, when the program come to Works, this problem would be finished after the changing the Role or make the Role as company setup.


To get accustomed in new manage of the Role, I am trying to make this arragement since 1 week and it takes longer time. If this problem would not come to in, I will do my more Works and finish in a proper time.


At the end, this problem taken place and I could not find the reason and how to make it.


You can find the link on which, I tried to define about the problem.