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NX11 Topology Optimization


Hello guys,

I'm writing my thesis on additive manufacturing and I need to use the tool NX nastran optimization topology on the program NX11. I don't know how to use this tool, so I'm trying to learn. I have some problems on the settings for the analysis. These pictures are the screenshots of the windows in NX11 where I have some problem for the optimization.


In the first one, I don't know how to set the numbers, because in a tutorial on youtube I have seen the the value "Residual Mass (ITORMASS)" was set at 0, but in my case this doen't work, I got another error. So I set the numbers as you see in the Figure1 but I don't know if it's right.


In the Figure2, you can see the menu for setting the output "Normalized Material Density". I set everything as you can see from the picture, but I don't know if it's right again.


In the Figure3, after the analysis I check the "Normalized Material Density" but I can't get a good result because everything is with the number 1, nothing was optimized.


Can you please help me? or maybe do you have an handbook about NX nastran optimization topology?

Thanks for the attention and for your help,




Re: NX11 Topology Optimization

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

I would suggest (as this is cross posted) all replies be done in  the NX Design forum (or if also in one of the Simcenter forums, that would probably be better still)


VincenzoL -

In general, it is better to post into ONE forum, so all replies are in one place/thread. 

If you choose the "wrong" forum, there are people who can move it into the "right" one...

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Re: NX11 Topology Optimization


Sorry, I didn't know this rule and how the forums work here,