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NXOpen Check in managed part and confirm check in

[ Edited ]

I'm trying to write a small nxopen program to check in the current part.

I am using the following code to check in the part:

 Dim parts_tocheckin(0) As BasePart
            parts_tocheckin(0) = nxs.Parts.Work
            Dim cii As New PdmPart.CheckinInput
            cii.AllowRemote = True
            cii.ExplicitCheckIn = True
            cii.IncludeSecondary = False
            Dim cie As OperationErrors
            cie = my_pdmpart.CheckinParts(parts_tocheckin, cii)

This works fine apart from I can't get any feedback to tell me if the operation succeeded or failed.



I've found this to check how many 'objects' are checked in/out:

Dim my_assy As ComponentAssembly = nxs.Parts.BaseWork.ComponentAssembly
Dim co_list() As NXObject
Dim uco_list() As NXObject
my_assy.GetCheckedoutStatusOfObjects(co_list, uco_list)

I could use the object counts before and after to see if they've changed but if I have a large assy open another users check in at the same time could effect the outcome.



I've tried converting the NXobjects in the 2 lists to something like component or part so I can get it's name and compare to the part in the check in list but I can't convert the objects.


Am I missing something here or is there a simple way to get the check in/out status of a part?


As always thanks in advance for any help or advice.......


Re: NXOpen Check in managed part and confirm check in

It's not particularly neat but I've found the log file stores feedback on the check in attempt:


Errors in checking in part tags

TCIN SOA operation object name: msb-checkin-test/01

Information: 942073, (TC 0): The part is not checked out