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NXOpen Error: UF_Initialize may not be called once UF_Terminate is called




I am getting an exception while running a NXOpen exe which i have developed. The code runs fine in my system. I just switched systems recently and this piece of code stopped working.

Even a simple initialize script also throws this error. Below is the exception screen shot.




I have checked the below cases and all are set properly.

  • Compiling Process is same
  • System Architechture is 64-Bit
  • Version of Visual Studio used is 2010
  • .Net framework 4
  • UGOpen License and its usage
  • Dry run to test the Teamcenter and NX connectivity
  • Dry run any UGmanager utility to test Ugmanager
  • UGmanager configuration to develop and compile programs
  • License Bundles
  • Command shell privileges

I am still not able to figure out why its failing. 


Any suggestions would be really helpful.


Re: NXOpen Error: UF_Initialize may not be called once UF_Terminate is called

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Siemens Phenom


As you probably know, it is a documented behavior that you can only call UF_initialize() one time in an external program.  If you are only calling it once in your main program, then you might look to see if you are calling into any other .DLLs that might be trying to call it.  Do you have anything that loads at startup - such as a UDO .DLL?


Note that UF_UGMGR_initialize() (or its wrapper) also counts as a call to UF_initialize().


If you can't find it, please log an IR with GTAC and supply the problematic code, so we can investigate thoroughly.  Thanks!