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NXOpen.PDM Namespace

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

hi -

I'm writing a journal ( where I need the Group id (group name in teamcenter) from a given NX part or the current workpart.....

I know I can ask for the current sessions active group , but I need to ask groupname for a specific part.

I have been looking in all relevant classes in NXOpen.PDM Namespace , but I dont think there a any syntax in any of these classes ,that can be used..

But maybe I have missed something ? or is it not possible to "extract" owningroup from teamcenter during NXOpen...

Maybe someone have comment ? - if so , I'll be happy



Re: NXOpen.PDM Namespace

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom




Good afternoon.  We have on file ER 6268494 asking for this functionality:


Enhancement Description:  Please create new NX Open API methods to enable an application to obtain all of the information which can be displayed in columns of the Teamcenter Navigator when running in NX Manager mode (Owner, Group, etc.)


If you log an IR with GTAC, you can be added to the ER as a "me too" request, which will increment the count of users asking for this.




Re: NXOpen.PDM Namespace

Siemens Pioneer Siemens Pioneer
Siemens Pioneer

Hi Steve -


Thank you very much for your answer.....

I am glad to know , that I havent missed anything.

Looking forward to get this syntax implemented in NXOpen.

Think I will log a IR with Gtac....


regards Lars