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NXOpen::Selection::SelectTaggedObject "cursor" output seems wrong

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When I select a certain line or curve object with the mouse under the menu created by  NXOpen:: Selection:: SelectTaggedObject , the "cursor" output argument is populated with coordinates that are not anywhere on the line -- when I enter them into the Menu->Information->Point dialog, they're floating in space a little ways away.  Two of the coords are correct, Switching between coordinate systems doesn't rescue it.  Am I misunderstanding the meaning of this output?  I'm trying to replace usages of the deprecated uc1618 function.

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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: NXOpen::Selection::SelectTaggedObject "cursor" output seems wrong

uc1618 suggests using UF_UI_select_with_single_dialog, which as far as I'm aware is NOT deprecated, so you could try using the wrapper for that.

However, both UF_UI_select_with_single_dialog and NXOpen.Selection.SelectTaggedObject state that the returned cursor value is the absolute coordinates of the cursor position. So this point will only be on the line you are selecting if you position the cursor exactly over the line. Usually though it is expected that this point will be slightly away from the selected object as that is where the cursor cross hairs are.

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Re: NXOpen::Selection::SelectTaggedObject "cursor" output seems wrong

OK, thanks.  I guess I was just misunderstanding the meaning of that output.