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NXOpen for Tools->Update->Update for External Change

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Valued Contributor

Dear Forum,


After moving for NX10 to NX12.0.1 some of the external inter-part expressions are not automatically updating like they were in NX10.  Therefore, to force the update to go I needed to do Tools>Update>Update for External Change then the inter-part expressions updated.  The inter-part expressions that seem to have an issue are the ones assoicated with assoicated measurement expressions.   I sent my parts to GTAC and they tested it in the next release of NX12.0.2 and they automatically update within the next release.


But, until my company upgrades the next release of NX I have to deal with this issue now.  So, therefore, I am looking for some NXOpen code to conduct this update through NXOpen.  I journalled the manual operation of conducting an update in NX but the journal came up empty. 


Does anyone know the how to conduct an update for external change through NXOpen?




Re: NXOpen for Tools->Update->Update for External Change


There is an example in the solution center for this issue.  Below is the excerpt from there.


There is no NXOpen API method to perform the same thing as the interactive option Tools-> Update-> Update for External Change.  See ERs 6888643, 6771744, 2069181, 2175218, 6872272.

This example demonstrates using the Knowledge Fusion function %ug_updateForExternalChange to make that happen


Sample NX Open .NET C# program : perform update for external change 

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