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NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll

Help me, Im included nxopen with c# program, runing and see error - not download DLL "libpart.dll". Not search this modul. What me did?

I have installed NX 8.5, Visual Studio 2012 express

Error make in line Session theSession = Session.GetSession();


Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll


Are you building a .DLL or a .EXE?


If you are running a .EXE, try it from an NX Command Prompt, launched from an NX Tools Menu.


That will ensure that you have the required environment variables set, and the required PATH.


It is important that your UGII_ROOT_DIR (the ugii folder) appears at or near the front of the PATH.  libpart.dll lives in that folder, and you program must be able to find it.

Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll

I building a .exe... I nothing do not work. Please explain to me how to do it?

Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll


The best way to get started is to use the NXOpen Wizards.  If you have not set those up, or if you are using the Express version of the Studio, then you need to "Add References" to your project, and select the four NXOpen*.DLL files in ...ugii\managed.


You should also add the ...ugopen\NXSigningResource.res file to your project, and then set the Build Action to "Embedded Resource".


That will allow you to sign your program with signDotNet.exe after you build it.


Note that none of this will help if you do not have the dotnet_author license.  If you do not have that license, you will need to run your .VB or .CS files either from run_journal.exe (command line) or from Tools -> Journal -> Play interactively.


Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll

How to check the dotnet_author license I have or not, and if no license, how much give her? How run my program, I write
run_journal -r="C:\... \Class1.cs"
and output error "run_journal: journal filename not found on command line", what me do?

Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll


Open your license file in a text editor.


Search for this string:




If you find it, you have the license.  Otherwise, you will need to contact your sales rep.  If you need more detailed help, please contact GTAC in your local area.  We have GTAC representatives around the world, and support is available in many languages.



Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll

I find lines
INCREMENT dotnet_author ugslmd 28.0 permanent 5 ...
INCREMENT dotnet_author_all ugslmd 28.0 permanent 5 ...
this means that the dotnet_author license I have installed and I can execut my programs?

Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll


Yes, but you will need to use the correct syntax.


First open an NX Command Prompt from the NX Tools menu.  This will make sure you have the correct environment variables set, including the PATH.


Then, use this as the command line:


run_journal  C:\path\to\your\Class1.cs


Use double quotes around your filespec if you have any spaces in the path.


Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll

Ok, where I can see result?

Re: NXOpen in C#: error with libpart.dll


What kind of result are you expecting?


If you use the ListingWindow commands in an external program - or running a Journal from the command line using run_journal - then any text  you write to the listing window in your Journal should be redirected to the console where you launched the Journal.


If you are creating or modifying geometry, you will need to open the part(s) in an interactive session of NX to see the modeling results.