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NXOpen python API



I have to use python NXOpen API's in visual studio 2013 like C# and C++. But I could not get how to give NXOpen reference in visual studio using python user interface preference.







Re: NXOpen python API

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are you asking about a debugger? I have not been able to successfully set one up

Re: NXOpen python API

I want to know how can I import NXOpen in Visual studio


When I used :


import NXOpen

import NXOpen.CAE


It was giving waring module not found


how can I give NXOpen reference , so I can use python NXOpen API.



Re: NXOpen python API

Dear Saddam,


There is a PDF file in NX Documents called Getting Started cwith SNAP. It describes how to import NX Open in Visual Studio. I use VB language and I don't know about Python.

Sina shojaee

Re: NXOpen python API

Yes, I have refered the document as you mention but I want to know using python