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NXcustom Utilities From NX7.5 to NX (base version 1872)

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Siemens Phenom

Hello All,

To keep all the NXcustom releases bundled and easier to find, we decided to centralize all the NXcustom releases in one thread.
Therefore this thread will be the starting point for finding the NXcustom for your NX version.
Please do not reply to this thread, but to the threads for the individual releases.

Here the links to the individual threads that are currently on this forum:


Latest NX Custom Releases NX7.5 until NX9.0

NXcustom for NX10.0 (NX100custom)

NXcustom for NX11.0 (NX110custom)

NXcustom for NX12.0 (NX120custom)

NXcustom for NX (base version 1847)

NXcustom for NX (base version 1872)


Description NXcustom:
NXcustom is a template to be used for centrally deploying an NX configuration in a Windows environment.
It provides a set of tools and templates that makes it easy to configure the NX environment by a CAD administrator without the need to edit any files in the NX installation folder.

Some key points:

  • All the configuration files are easily managed at a central location.
    • Environment variables
    • Customer defaults
    • Tool bars, menus, menuscript & icons
    • Libraries
    • Tables
    • Templates
    • Manufacturing files
    • Program files - journal, macro, KF, API & GRIP

NXcustom can easily be deployed to:

  • Individual users
  • Departments / functional work groups
  • Entire company

Please refer to the README file in the root folder of NXcustom for more details.

History of NXcustom:
NXcustom has intially been developed by Rob Cohon (Siemens PLM Employee (currently retired)) to have an easy way to maintain his own NX customizations.
Under his ownership and with input of the community it has become what it is now.
Since May 2014, I have taken over the task of updating NXcustom for the coming releases.

NXcustom is NOT an official Siemens product.
It is therefore not possible to report issues with Siemens PLM Product Support.
You are free to modify and enhance the content to fit your need.
Users can still report issues and propose new functionality in this forum which we will try to address in a proper way. Other members of the forum can be of help also.


Many thanks to Rob Cohon that created the foundation for NXcustom.



Gerrit Koelewijn