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NXopen Remotting in Python

I currently write NXopen scripts in and am using remoting.

We have a mixture of Windows and Linux in our organistation and I've noticed that in NX10 there is now support for python based NXopen script.

I'm very keen to move towards python due to the cross platform advantages but would like to understand if remoting will be available in python?

The reason I ask this specifically is that we have had issues in getting remoting to work in anything other than or c#.






Re: NXopen Remotting in Python

I don't know whether remoting is available in python or not but it is certainly in java. so you can use java which supports both windows and linux.

Re: NXopen Remotting in Python

Thanks for your reply Anshu,


I'm keen to stick with Python as some of the linux guys on site already code in Python.

So I know we already have an approved IDE and a few people I can ask if I get stuck Smiley Surprised)


Anyone know about Python definitively?




Re: NXopen Remotting in Python

Python support has just been added to NX 10, so I really doubt that the entire NX feature set is covered.


It took several releases to have most things covered in .NET and the process is still ongoing.


Have you found anything in the programmers reference for NXOpen Python?

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Re: NXopen Remotting in Python

Python was actually partially introduced in NX 9.0.1. That release included coverage of the NX Open API only.


NX 10 added UF wrappers, Block UI Styler support and documentation to complete the coverage to the same level as the other available languages.


To answer the original question, remoting is not available in Python at this time. It is not part of the NX 11 plan either.

Re: NXopen Remotting in Python

So with all above discussion,though I am not sure, you can try using Jython i.e. Java + Python. You can have your remoting in java but use your old code in python along with. Just google it and you will get lot of example on Jython.