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Name of linked datums - Journal


I work on application (C#) repairing broken links. For sketches the task is quite easy - we can use following line refering to particular sketch in "source" file.


Sketch sketch1 = (Sketch)component1.FindObject("PARTIAL_PROTO#.Sketches|SKETCH_012");


However in case of datums Journal suggests to use something like that:


DatumPlane datumPlane1 = (DatumPlane)component1.FindObject("PARTIAL_PROTO#HANDLE R-1116818");


I wish to use datum's name like "centerplane" intead of R-1116818.

Is it possible to do so? I tried to use approach working for sketches (PARTIAL_PROTO#.Sketches|centerplane) , but it doesn’t work.


Re: Name of linked datums - Journal

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

The part object has a .Datums collection that you can iterate through looking for one with a specific name. This would be one way to find a specific datum plane.