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Newbie quastion

Hi All,


I would like to start writing scripts under NX 9.0 Advanced Simulation and I woluld like to ask You  how to start it ?  What programing languages are supported in NX, where can I find tutorials manuals etc  for programing in NX.


thanks for support and help




Re: Newbie quastion

Check the NX installation directory

C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX 9.0\UGOPEN\SampleNXOpenApplications\.NET\CAE

for sample codes


NXOpen documentation must be installed as a "Add-on"


whichever language you are confortable with. I am using vb.

Production: NX9.0.3.4, NX10.0.2.6
Development: VB.NET (amateur level !)

Re: Newbie quastion

Please correct me if i'm wrong


To run program/scrips in NX (C/C++ profile) i need to write program and compile it in external compilator, and then run in NX using :
File -> Execute -> Nxopen (from exe files )  ?


thanks for help

Re: Newbie quastion



In NX 8, the programming documentation was broken out of the main doc set into it's own complete set. From the main NX doc page, pick "Programming Tools" from the bottom of the product area list. The documentation contains an overview of all of the automation capabilities, as well as Programmers Guides and Reference Guides for each language. These languages are C/C++, Java, VB. C#. In NX 9.0.1 we began the introduction of Python, which will be complete in NX 10.


C/C++ and Java both must be compiled prior to running in NX and run on both Linux and Windows (needs to be compiled individually on each). VB and C# are .NET (Windows only) and can be compiled into a .dll, but they can also be run as a journal (uncompiled ascii script). Python cannot currently be compiled, but can be run as a journal on both Windows and Linux (same journal file works on both).






Re: Newbie quastion


Thanks for information.
I'm looking at UGS_NX9\UGOPEN\SampleNXOpenApplications\C++\File2Points\ .
I want to compile it and run (I have g++ compilator from MinGW) and I have error missing files (afxdlgs.h), Where can I find missing libraries ?

Re: Newbie quastion

afxdlgs.h is a header file that comes with microsofts visual studio.


I don't know if it is impossible, but I assume it will be a good deal of work to get a running program with gcc. You should use VisualStudio on Windows machines. The free Express version will do it for simple tasks.




Jan Böttcher

Re: Newbie quastion

ok. thanks

I'll try.

Re: Newbie quastion

where is the documentation for using python? has it been written yet?

Re: Newbie quastion

Re: Newbie quastion

Great! thanks. python is such a brease to learn and i think will open NXautomation to so many more users!


supposedly nx9.0 introduced a partial python implementation.


my question is how would i actually go about using it? i don't see a .py extension for loading user functions. is there some administrative option that enables or disables it's use? liscence?


is there a command that starts a python interpreter?


do you start an external interpreter and connect to nx somehow to issue commands?