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Not able to get the Pmi from PMIManager using of NXOpenC++




I was trying to get the Pmi's from the current or display part. I created some PMI notes, i want to get all the Pmi information in one go.

Part *workPart = theSession->Parts()->Work();
Part *displayPart = theSession->Parts()->Display();
NXOpen::Annotations:Smiley TonguemiManager *pmiMgr = workPart->PmiManager();
NXOpen::Annotations:Smiley TonguemiCollection *pmiCol = pmiMgr->Pmis(); 

for (PmiCollection::iterator Itr = pmiCol->begin(); Itr != pmiCol->end(); Itr++){
 // Unable to get the Pmi objects from the interator....not able to typecast to Pmi as well. 


Same flow i tried in NXOpen C#, it works without any issue.The same issue posted in GTAC as well by some one as it could not able to give any Pmi Objcets  from the PmiCollection.

Does any one is able to break this or encounter similar issues.