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Notes formating



I have a text for eg: Sheet1-D12(for defining sheet no & zone for each view) with formatting <WRef1*0@$SH_SHEET_NAME>-<WRef2*0@$SH_SHEET_ZONE>.

i want to avoid duplication of notes when the tool runs 2nd time. I wrote the code for reading already present notes & comparing with the new notes that will be placed for the view but while debug I found it returns the text as <WID79*0@$SH_SHEET_NAME>-<WID80*0@$SH_SHEET_ZONE>.I can store the information in attribute or name of note object but I want to avoid that.

Does anyone has faced similar issue? or anyone knows API to get the text(egSmiley Frustratedheet1-D12)

Any help appreciated.



Re: Notes formating

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You need a method called AssociativeText.GetEvaluatedText().  Here is a note from the doc page:


Annotation used to determine the object property value when the object is not specified. For example, given annotation 123 and 456 where 123 resides in "Sheet 1" and 456 resides in "Sheet 2" then the evaluated text returned for the input text "<W@$SH_SHEET_NAME>" for annotation 123 is "Sheet 1" and for annotation 456 is "Sheet 2"